“When hiring partners are asked to name the best recruiting firms in the city, Ziskind Greene is the name most mention first.”

—  Los Angeles Daily Journal

Having essentially created the legal search business in California over 30 years ago and having drafted its national Code of Ethics, we established the foundational concept and business model, best practices and ethical standards for the industry throughout the California legal community.  The largest legal search firm in California with offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orange County and San Diego prior to the sale of the company, we now cover these areas from our Los Angeles office. With our deep roots and core strategic focus, we maintain a strong presence in Chicago and Nashville as well.

We provide the full spectrum of placement and related consulting services both to law firms seeking to hire partner-level lawyers, groups of lawyers and law firm acquisitions as well as to individual partner-level lawyers and groups looking to move their practices to more fertile platforms, be they local, regional, national or international. We also advise lawyers on the sale and purchase of their law practices from identifying opportunities through evaluation, negotiation and closing.

We have worked with law firms in Los Angeles, Nashville, Washington D.C. and Chicago. We know those markets well and enjoy a growing national network. Our relationships run deep, and our expertise is well demonstrated. We have placed well over a thousand lawyers since our inception.

The river that runs through our efforts both on behalf of law firms and individuals/groups looking for new homes is the quality of our advocacy–the shaping of your narrative—at once powerful, compelling and accurate. We consider ourselves to be masters of that art.

We have done so with the longevity and success to which our list of Representative Transactions attests. Res ipsa loquitur.